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Giving books

Give a book – each book is like a seed

Giving Books – Dons de livres. Canada is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Convention Plus –

A book is like a seed; it has the potential to change a life. Books can help us make sense of our problems, alter our perspectives, and lead us to think deeply about ourselves. For those of us facing particularly serious difficulties, whether through poverty, incarceration, addiction or a hundred other reasons, it is all too easy for our identities to become our prisons. A book might be the doorway through which we can escape.

That is the idea behind the Giving Books Project Canada, where we donate selected titles that promote hope, positivity, and kindness to people in challenging situations. Are you able to help? A gift of ten dollars will purchase a book for somebody in real need of assistance and encouragement in their life right now. Give more if you wish, but $10 will cover the cost of one inspiring volume. You can also suggest a place you would like to see receive a book or books.

Over the last five years, we have donated thousands of books to Canadian charities and social welfare organizations – aiding their clients in halfway houses, refugee programmes, mental health facilities, women’s refuges, homeless shelters, prisons, rehabilitation centers, and many more.

The Giving Books Project is maintained and operated purely by unpaid volunteers, who believe in the power of the written word to help individuals rediscover their humanity and compassion. Any funds we raise are used solely to purchase bulk orders of books at a discount price, and then distribute them free of cost across Canada to suitable recipients.


 You can participate in this project in two ways: as a volunteer to make book donations, or by contributing financially for the purchase of books.

  1. Become a volunteer

Anyone or group interested can help. To familiarize yourself with this activity, simple training is available based on the principle of mentoring.

Please communicate your interest by writing to:

You will be contacted promptly.

  1. Contribute to the Financing

To allow as many readers as possible to benefit from this message of hope, you can contribute to the financing for the purchase of books. All amounts are welcome and greatly appreciated.

To contribute, please access the page  Contribute  in this website.

For more information, please write to: