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The French Book - Apprendre à s'écouter

Comment trouver la paix dans le bruit du monde
ISBN 978-2-02-145630-1


Prem Rawat enables people to get to know each other better: I think this is what the world needs most now.

Serge Marquis.


It is a book of rare depth and elegance.

Amélie Nothomb.


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English Book - Hear Yourself

How to find Peace in a noisy World


The English book will be released on September 14.

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Read the first pages of the book. Click here.



Extract from an interview with Prem Rawat

Revue CHEMINS No 8, Juin-Juillet-Août, 2021  – A translation
Do you have any leads for us to bring us closer to lasting inner peace?

Certainly! This track is that what you are looking for, lasting inner peace, is within you. There is no clearer lead: the answer to your quest is within you, it is in your possession. This is the essence of the message: you have what you are looking for. No one can give it to you; no one can give you an experience that isn’t already yours. No one can tell you what to believe. No. What you are looking for is within you. It is not a question of creating anything, but of discovering the peace within oneself.

To apprehend inner peace, we must remove the bricks of intellectual concepts that cover the natural form and beauty of the inner self. It’s letting go of the superfluous. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry expressed this idea with the most elegant simplicity: “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away”.

Take, for example, your favourite shirt or dress. When you wear this garment, after a while it will get dirty. You work, you have fun, you travel, you run everywhere, you eat spaghetti: it will end up being dirty. It will therefore have to be cleaned. What’s the process? Very simple: you remove the dirt. You don’t bring cleanliness somewhere to permeate your garment. You remove the unwanted and you keep what you love: a clean garment. The same goes for the quest for peace. You don’t add peace to your inner being, you let go of the rest, and automatically your true glorious identity begins to radiate.

Extract from an article on the book

… the author, through different stories, is convinced that it is possible to live in peace and to give meaning to your life. It means finding a place where you can live happily …


Louise Bourbonnais.


A few Testimonials

From various websites

Prem Rawat enables people to get to know each other better: I think this is what the world needs most now.

– Serge Marquis.

It is a book of rare depth and elegance.

– Amélie Nothomb.

… This inexhaustible gem of wisdom called Hearing Yourself reminds me of this great music teacher. «Every breath is a celebration»: I stop at this passage and I interrupt my inner speech. So, in harmony with the subtle and natural rhythm of the breath, I read this passage very carefully: «The presence of breath in our life is not subject to any condition …

Chilean poet Erick Pohlhammer.

An amazing read! Hear Yourself invites readers on a journey from where you may be now to the common core we all share as human beings, and to the love of life itself.”
Tim Gallwey, author and founder of The Inner Game.

Prem Rawat is the Einstein of consciousness.”

Claudio Naranjo, MD, author of The Enneagram of Society.

… He speaks of inner peace in a very simple way, and God knows if to be simple it takes a lifetime and that few are the elect! Prem is down-to-earth, not pretentious for a penny, and close to those he meets. He is a messenger of everyday life …

Letter from Anne Ducrocq, editor.

For anyone who has ever asked the question: who am I, why am I here? This book is for you. If you have never asked those question, this book is for you.”

Michael Nouri, American screen and stage actor.

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